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Hello Quads

So today was day 3 of Bootcamp.  So I started off on the treadmill and did 20 minutes and then it was on to Workout B.  Let’s just say my quads hurt just at the end of the first set.  It was a one legged sit and stand holding a weight.  I obviously have no muscles in my legs.  I had to use one leg plus the heel (lightly) of the other.  Let’s just say by the end of the 3 sets I was a sweaty mess.

So after my workout I needed something to help the shakiness.

The other day on Open Sky they had Great Harvest Cville Cluster Granola on sale from Kath Younger who blogs over at Kath Eats Real Food.  (If you haven’t ever read her blog you should defintely check it out.  Kath and her husband are expecting their first child plus they run a Great Harvest Bakery in Charlottesville.  I absolutely love her blog.)

This granola is fantastic.  in fact, I have trouble just eating the recommended 1/2 cup serving.  I find myself sticking my hand back into the bag for more.  I added this granola to some Chobani yogurt.

 This hit the spot.  Now I’m off to do some yoga because my legs are super sore from my run yesterday.

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June Gloom

I have always heard of people in California talk about June gloom.  Well living in the Midwest we don’t usually see it except the last couple of days we have had it.

This is at 7:30 in the morning.  Normally the sun is shining and the birds are singing.  Not the past few days, it has been cold and rainy.  In fact, today we are only going to get to 66°.  Brrr, time to dig out the winter coats.

So this morning for breakfast I needed something to cheer me up.

Yogurt bowl.  In the bowl is blueberry greek yogurt, fresh strawberries and granola.  Except this isn’t any granola, nope, this is Almond Butter Granola.  I got this recipe from Julie at PB Fingers.  Let me tell you, this is the best granola ever.  I had to put it away last night so I didn’t eat the whole pan.  When I got up this morning I couldn’t wait to dig in.  You must try this recipe if you are looking for a granola recipe. 

I also had some iced coffee with the yogurt bowl.

Yes, it looks more like a milkshake.  I need to make my original iced coffee recipe tonight instead of trying to make it in the morning.  This is a big fail, needs more coffee and less milk. 

Now off to do the work thing.  It is hump day so the work week is half way over.

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It may not look pretty

Well days like today when it is cold and rainy outside, I just don’t want to go outside for lunch.

Yep, the parking lot is wet.  Of course, that isn’t my view at all.  I unfortunately have no windows, I’m in a cubicle.

So for lunch I always have something in my drawer for days just like this and when I was at Aldi’s a couple of weeks ago I came across some soup in a cup and thought I would pick it up to keep in my desk for days like today.  Unfortunately it isn’t pretty once you make it.

That would be Fit & Active Split Pea Soup.  I think it looks like baby barf but it does taste quite good.  Just so you know, looks can be deceiving.

Along with soup, I had some yogurt in the fridge.  I am absolutely in love with greek yogurt.  That is the only thing I buy anymore.  Luckily I had some granola in my drawer to put in the yogurt to add a little crunch to my meal.

Unfortunately, I used the last of it up.  Now I need to restock my desk drawer, it is empty.  😦

Well back to work I go.  Have a great afternoon.

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