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Hand Sanitizer and Facebook

Have you heard the latest?

Kids are using hand sanitzer to get drunk.  Yes, you read that correctly, hand sanitizer.  I cannot believe it.  They are actually drinking it or sniffing it.  What are they thinking?  What would cause anyone to think about using hand sanitizer.  Having a 13 year old and an 11 year old and hearing this my heart just fell to my feet.  It scares me to death.  What in the world will the kids think of next.  Anyone can go by hand sanitizer.  In fact, my daughter has a small bottle clipped to her school id.  What is this world coming to?

Now on to facebook:


Did you see this picture that a mother posted to facebook of her daughter?  Her daughter mouthed back to her in front of the daughter’s friends.  Do you think this is acceptable?  As a parent, I think there are better ways to parent rather than to humilate your children in the social media network.  Growing up is hard enought without your parents adding to your insecurities of growing up.  What would you do as a parent?


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