This is the blog of a mother of 2 and lover of shoes.

Who is mother??

MeMy name is Nicole and I am a mother of 2. I love shoes, my family and my pups. I am also trying to live a healthier lifestyle not only for myself but also for my children. I have just recently started going to a gym and eating healthier. Not only will this be a story about myself and family but about how I am trying to eat healthier along with introducing new foods and a healthier lifestyle to my family. I also love shoes, I own close to 60 pairs. So this will also be showing the different shoes that I own along with the different outfits that I wear them with. I am not the most fashion conscious but hopefully my style will chain along with my eating habits. I am also hoping this will show my weightloss journey. Please come along for the ride with myself and my family.Along with Tony a/k/a Mr. T a/k/a HubbyBubbaChickieMollyGizmo a/k/a GizzyTabby a/k/a LurchHope you enjoy reading my blog and our families adventures in healthy eating, exercising and enjoying life.Me and Gizzy