Finally I am feeling better.  I am almost back to 100% after being sick.  Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx myself.  I have had this head/chest cold and I have had a terrible time trying to shake.  This morning I woke up and felt 90% better.  This makes me very happy and hopefully in a few days I will live 100%.



 We have finally made it to Week 7 of best body bootcamp.  Yeah!!!!

Today on best body bootcamp is was 40 min of 30/60/90 Intervals Mix.  Oh me of my, that was intense.  I did 3.2 miles in 40 minutes.  I think that is awesome for me considering I spent the first 10 minutes walking.  Obviously this bootcamp has made me stronger since last week while I was sick I did not push myself to hard.  I did the work out but I kept it on the lighter side which tells me that no matter what you do, every little bit helps your body.

Finally . . .

They have started work on Husband’s shed.  He is so excited because tomorrow they come to pour the concrete.  Of course,

Yep, they left a pile of dirt and made a nice path in my yard which I didn’t even want.  Apparently the rain from the weekend, left the yard a little (or a lot) soaked.  I guess the pile of dirt will end up evening out all the tire marks.

And finally . . .

I am done blogging so I can go spend time with sad eyes.  Have a great night.

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