Busy, Busy Weekend

Sorry for no posts over the weekend but I was crazy busy.

Yep, we took all of the storm windows down and I sprayed them down and the inner windows and washed them all.  Nothing like having all clean windows to make you feel better.

Plus, I cleaned all of the carpets in the house.  That took most of Saturday and half of Sunday.  It takes forever to clean carpets but now my carpet is fluffy again.

Hubby mowed the yard.  Can you believe it on March 24th we had to mow the yard.  That is crazy.  I do not ever remember mowing the yard in March before.  I told him that is going to make for a long summer of mowing.

This crazy lady finally came home.  After a week at the grandparents she was ready to come home.  Now the family is back together again.  Let the fun (or arguing begin).  Wait, the arguing started 5 minutes after the kids were back together.  Nothing like siblings loving each other to make the house complete.  Plus, here is the link to her final guest blog on Grandpa’s Bog – The Writing Deputy.

I was going to get up and do my Week 4, Day 1 of Bootcamp but Bubba crashed on the couch last night so I was unable to do it without waking him up.  Apparently the 10 feet to his bed was way too far for him last night.  Good thing they don’t have school today.  I am excited to start week 4 of bootcamp.


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