What a Crazy Day

Hubby and I took the day off so we could do some car shopping.  We are thinking of getting a different car because the one we have is a gas guzzler and I do not think gas prices are ever going to get cheaper, heck no.  Someone obviously doesn’t have a big enough mansion yet so he has to stick it to the little guys in order to get his new mansion.

So we headed out and stopped at a car dealership and test drove 2 different cars.  I was not impressed so we decided to do a little shopping meaning stopping by Sam’s Club, Trader’s Joe, Barnes and Noble and then lunch.  Then as we were heading out-of-town we stopped at another car dealership (different kind of car then this morning) and test drove 2 other cars.  We decided to negotiate on one of the cars and see where it went.  Well, needless to say Hubby was not happy and was getting irate so we left without a new car.

Well, it is a good thing because on the way home the worst thing happened.  We ended up getting a flat tire.  I was sleeping and I woke up (jumped up and hit the roof of the car) when I heard a pop.  Hubby pulled over and sure enough we had a flat tire.  So first we are getting the jack out and we cannot get it out of the car.  It was stuck in the cubby hole, we worked at it for 5 minutes and finally it came out.  Then it was off to get the spare tire down from underneath the car.  We worked, worked and worked and it would not lower.  Finally a nice trucker stopped and helped hubby get the tire down.  Hubby told him we could get it from here (one of many mistakes Hubby made today).  We couldn’t get the jack to go down to get it under the car.  Frustrating.  Finally, about 10 minutes later, another guy stopped.  Well, he had someone else’s vehicle and had trouble getting the jack out of the car.  Finally he got his jack out and they started to jack up the car, except it wasn’t working correctly.  It was only moving the frame and not the entire car.  Finally they got it up enough that we could get our jack under the car and could get the flat tire off.  We put the spare on, paid the guy $5.00 for stopping and letting us use his jack and got the new tire on.  Well, the spare was really low.  Thankfully a gas station was 2 miles away (one good thing about living in the Midwest, there are random gas stations in the middle of nowhere).  We put air in the tire and finally got home.

What a crazy day.  Now it is time for a glass of wine and to watch American Idol.

Have a great night and hopefully you have had a better day.


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  1. I had my tire pop on me one day on the highway going 120 km/h, it’s a scary moment


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