Spring and Accident

It is really starting to look like spring.

These are daffodils that I bought when they were selling them for the American Cancer Society.  Since cancer has affected me so closely, I do everything I can to help support the American Cancer Society.  So I came in this morning and these flowers were in full bloom on my desk.  How can it not scream spring.  Plus the midwest broke another record today.  It hit 81° in Central Iowa today.  How can you not think of spring.

So last night we went for another walk and the kiddos rode their scooters.  Bubba was riding along and all of sudden his scooter goes to the left and he goes to the right.  When he finally came up, the cement got the best of him.

He got a bruise above his right eyebrow plus his elbow was scraped up.  He is lucky he didn’t crack his head open.  I thought for sure he would come up with blood gushing out of his head.  Very thankful that didn’t happen.  So this morning what did the eyebrow look like?

Self portrait courtesy of Bubba.  He didn’t do a very good job but you can see Chickie checking it out in the mirror.  Plus we did this on the way to school.  You can see his right eyebrow is puffy and now today his eyelid is black and blue.  Only kids.

Now off to find Chickie’s volleyball shirt because both her and her dad are looking for it and they can’t find it anywhere.  Shocking (not really, only mom knows where everything is).  Then we are off to her volleyball game.  Have a great night.

(EDITED:  The shirt was hanging on the back of the bathroom door and neither one of them could find it after looking for 5 minutes.)


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