Science Diet Cat Food

Something new that I have joined:  Being a Bzzz Agent.  Have you heard of this?  It is surveys you take and then you are sent items to review and give your honest opinion of them.  So I signed up a couple weeks ago and they sent me my first item to review.

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Science Diet Ideal Balance Cat Food.  I was super excited to check this out because I have never bought this kind of cat food before.

What I first noticed when I poured it into the bowl was how small the kiblets are.  Normally they are twice the size, in any cat food that I have ever bought, which really made me very happy.  I also noticed it did not have a terrible smell to it, let’s be honest pet food doesn’t always smell the best.

As you can tell, Tabby absolutely loved it.  In fact, she ate the entire bowl.  She doesn’t ever do that with her food.  No matter how little or how much we give her.  She also did not have any stomach issues with it.  Normally when we introduce her to new food, she has stomach issues with it and we end up seeing it later in the day on the carpet.

I will definitely be switching to Science Diet Ideal Balance cat food for her.


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