Bootcamp Baby!!!

Yep, that’s right.  I’m going to bootcamp.



Tina from Best Body Fitness is having a bootcamp.  I am a day late in signing up but thankfully she extended the sign up for one more day.  What does that mean, well I missed Mondays workout but I am excited for today’s work out.  Since it is going to be 70° today (that is in Iowa in March, can you believe it?) I am saving my workout until after work.  It is 50 minutes of cardio so I see a run happening right after work today.  I am so, so excited for it.  The only plus is that I get off of work early today because I came in early so the run is going to happen before supper.

The bootcamp is awesome.  If you missed out on it, I am truly sorry, but I will keep you up to date with my workouts.

The reason I did the bootcamp?  Well, as you know I am trying to lose 40 pounds by my 40th birthday (which is the end of June) and I am having a terrible time with trying to drop weight.  With Tina’s plan she gives you exercises to do plus a list of good foods that you should be incorporating into your diet plus it is an 8 week bootcamp.  I should have results by the end if I follow the plan.  I will let you know how it goes.

Happy Monday!!!


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