Can you believe it, it is the last Monday of February.  Holy cow, where did the month go?

This morning the sun was up bright and early which made for a beautiful looking morning outside but when you stepped outside you were smacked in the face with freezing cold.  Why does the sunshine have to be so deceiving all the time.  Nothing like making you think it is nice and warm out and then bam, its freezing.  With the windchill this morning it was 8°.  Not so beautiful anymore.

Needless to say since it is Monday it meant both Kiddos had to be to school by 7:40 a.m.  Yuck, nothing like making you rush around after a busy weekend and all you want to do is curl up and go to sleep.  Oh well, at least this is the last Monday where they have to be to school so early.  The big concert is on Thursday night.  We will be enjoying all of their hard work at the jazz band concert.  I really can’t wait to see/hear it. 

Well off to get some work done, the plus with the Kiddos having to be to school early is that I come to work early which means I get to leave early.

Have a great Monday!!!!


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