The Birthday Party

So today we celebrated Bubba’s birthday with my family.

Nothing like getting everyone together to celebrate.  Yes I am the only one out of three kids that is married and has kids so needless to say there are no cousins for my kids.  Which is kind of sad because I grew up with a ton of cousins and it was some of my best times was spending time with them.

Of course you can’t celebrate a birthday without cake.  Let’s face it, I live for the frosting on cake.

Bubba had to blow out all of the candles and he did do it in one breath.  I was very surprised with 13 candles he was able to do that.  Of  course you can’t celebrate a birthday without presents.

Bubba was quite impressed with what he received.  Nothing like Grandma and Grandpa giving you what you ask for.

Plus when the family is town there is always some craziness that goes with it.

Now off to watch the Academy Awards.  Who will win Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Picture?


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