Snow, snow and more snow

So yesterday morning we woke up to this:

We received 4 inches of snow.  It made everything look so pretty but yet it wasn’t fun at all to scoop because it was wet and heavy.  Once the sun came up a little more it really made the snow sparkle.

I must admit even though we haven’t had much snow and I don’t really care for winter that much because of the cold, I do love how the snow will sparkle when the sun shines on it and how it makes for a beautiful winter wonderland.

So last night for supper Bubba wanted to hit up Applebee’s for his birthday meal.

Plus he got a free dessert for his birthday.  The only thing was, they don’t sing Happy Birthday anymore.  Which was kind of disappointing because turning 13 what a way to bring in the year of turning into a teenager.

As you can tell, he was really excited to get the chocolate mousse.

So when we got home it was time for presents.

He was happy with his gifts.  We didn’t have cake because we are having company tomorrow and that is when the cake will be brought out and the candles will be blown out.

Now off to do some cleaning.  Hopefully this cold won’t get the best of me though.



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