Trying to Get Back on Track

So as you know last week I was in Texas.  Now while I was in Texas I did very good.  I ran three separate days plus I ate a ton of fresh fruit.  When you live in Iowa in the winter you don’t get very good fruit, let’s just say it was picked and shipped before it turned the correct color.  So when I got home I jumped on the old scale.  Well I gained 3 of the 5 pounds back that I lost since the first of January.  Pat myself on the back considering all the alcohol I drank that week.  Okay, I said to myself this will be easy to drop these 3 pounds.  Well guess what, I gained 2 pounds in 2 days.  What!?!?!?  For some reason when I get home from vacation I have a terrible time getting back on track and all I want to do is eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat.  It doesn’t matter how good or bad I was on vacation, the first couple of days back I feel like I have been deprived forever and so I just stuff myself.  I kid you not I had so much sugar that last 2 days it is crazy.

So today, I have vowed to get back on track.  No more sugar.  Must do a sugar detox, which I will show my plan tomorrow.  I am going to figure out a plan today plus I need to get back on the wagon for exercising.  That is another thing that has gone to the wayside this week. 

Must refocus myself.  As you know I have a goal to lose 40 pounds by the time I turn 40 in June.  Hence 40 by 40.  Which this week puts me back to my starting point that I was at on January 1st. 

Do you ever have trouble getting back on track after a vacation?  If you do, how do you get yourself started again?  If you don’t, how do you avoid dropping off the wagon?


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