Iowa Caucus I get to the Iowa Caucus let’s talk exercise.  Since I took yesterday off today I needed to double up on my exercise.  So I did Zumba which was on the Wii.  Have you done this workout yet?  It kills you.  I did it for an hour and ended up burning 573 calories.  Then I jumped up on the treadmill and did 3.1 miles in 35:40 minutes.

I am so proud of myself.  It was hard but it was worth the push.  I feel like a million bucks, majorly sweaty, but I can’t believe how great the endorphines are from exercising.  Must remember this when I don’t want to exercise.  It is amazing how great you feel after a great workout.

Now on to the caucus.  Of course I live in Iowa.  So we have had nothing but political ads every other commercial.  I get tired of the negativity.  I just wish they would stick to the positive and deal with it.

Image: (From left) Mitt Romney, Ron Paul & Rick Santorum (© Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images; Kevin Winter/NBC Universal/Getty Images; Ed Andrieski/AP)

Who will win???  Will there be an upset or not.  Will the right one win tonight?  Don’t know but it will definitely be an interesting race this year.

Off to watch the Biggest Loser.  Have a great night.


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