Let it Snow, Let it Snow

So the snow they predicted?  It arrived.

Yes, we have snow.  Aren’t we the lucky ones?

So before the snow started Chickie and I went out and did a little “Dear Hunt”.

Since it is opening deer hunting weekend, the local businesses decided to do a “Dear Hunt” for the women of the town.  Plus they made it a scavenger hunt so if you found the stores with all the letters then you are entered into a drawing.  Plus some of the businesses were giving away prizes if you wore orange.  There were all kinds of neat shops to see.

It was great to do this plus I got some Christmas shopping done.

When I got home it was time to pull out the dishwasher.

So since we moved into this house our dishwasher has not ran correctly.  I have put up with it but on Black Friday – Sears had a deal on dishwashers I could not refuse.  Half off.  Can’t go wrong there.  Plus I got Hubby to scrub the floors after we took it out.

So tomorrow we are off to pick up the new one and to put it in on Monday.  Won’t that be great couple bonding time?

So what do you make for supper when all it has done all day today is this?

Why soup of course.

Potatoe and Ham Soup.  Print Recipe

Plus what else do you make when it is snowing outside?

Chex mix.  Yum, yum and more yum.  This will be the death of me by the weekend.

Now off to spend time with the family.  Have a great night.



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