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Excuses, excuses, excuses

Okay I could come up with a ton of excuses of why I haven’t been blogging: my point and shoot camera broke, lazy, so busy with the holidays, lazy, my life is boring, lazy.  I could go on and on.  I guess I just got out of the habit and just stopped blogging.  Well that is going to stop right here and right now.  I am blogging everyday.  It will not be three times a day.  It will be once a day and probably at night.  Once the kiddos went back to school life just gets busy and I didn’t blog.  Now that it is winter time (yuck) and I live in Iowa and it is cold and it is dark at 5:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. all I want to do is sleep or sit on my bum and be a bum.  Well now my bum is getting bigger and we leave for Texas in 45 days which means I will have no clothes to wear.  Weight has gotten ridiculous.  Eating habits have gotten out of control.  Time to buckle down and get serious and make myself do it.  Tomorrow is December 1st so it is time to get it moving.

We do have our Christmas tree up but the stockings are not hung yet and some of my fall decorations are still out.  I am having a terrible time getting into the holiday spirit.  Hopefully that will change in the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of the holidays do I have a Christmas gift that you can get your loved ones.

 This is an awesome book, of course I am not partial since my dad wrote it.  It is a murder mystery.  It is written in the point of view from a police officers investigation.  Of course, my dad has been a cop for 20 years so he has a ton of research into the investigation.  The story line is a small town in rural Iowa where one of the residents is found murdered in her home.  While they are investigating the murder they find out she belonged to a biker group from Chicago.  Plus there is a love story within the murder that happens.  This is a story that will make everyone.  Of course the author told his granddaughter (who is 10) that she can not read it yet.  It is not PG and he wants her to wait a couple of years before she reads it.  So to make her happy:

He autographed her book for her.  She is happy with that, for now.  So the book can be found on amazon or on  If you order early, I do have an inside scoop and I could get the book autographed for you.  Must hurry though because Christmas is 25 days away.  Yikes.   Have a great night.

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One Proud Daughter

Yes, I am one proud daughter.  Normally when you are a parent you are usually proud of your children but I am especially proud of my dad.


My dad had his first book published.  How exciting for him.  It is a mystery.  My dad has written stories for years and years and years.  He has submitted them for years and years and years to be published but it has never happened until now.  Let’s just say my heart is bursting with pride.  He has worked so hard for so many years and has given me so much it is finally time for him to reap the benefits of all of his hard work.  I am so proud of you dad.

I haven’t read the book yet but I do have it on order and once I get it and read it I will give it a review.

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