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Surgery Day

Off to take Bubba for surgery on his arm.  Nerves are filling the house.

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Two Hours in the ER

Anyone who has sons knows that it is football season and if you have a son they want to play football.  Bubba is in 7th grade so he is playing for the school now.  He had his second day of practice with all his pads on and they were running drills.

Which ended with us spending two hours in the ER

Bubba got hurt at football practice.  The coach told him that he would probably just have a bad bruise.   He said his arm and shoulder hurt so I said to be safe let’s go to the ER.

They had a nice bed which I could have laid in.Bubba was bored and waiting to be x-rayed.Bubba ended up in the bed because he was cold and had a warm blanket put on him.

Then he ended up in a gown because the nurse felt bad for him because he was cold and exposed (just his upper half).  He did leave his shorts on.

He has a break.  In fact, it is just below the ball of the shoulder.  Which it goes into the growth plate.  So we went and saw an orthopedic surgeon today who doesn’t want to touch im.  First off because it is in the growth plate and secondly, the break has moved (the bones no longer line up).  So tomorrow, we are off to see a pediatric orthopedic surgeon.  What an interesting week this has turned out to be.

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