They Survived

It was the first day of school yesterday for the kiddos.

They both started different schools.  Let’s just say Chickie was as nervous as all get out.  She had me up in the middle of the night three nights in a row because she was so freaked out about going to a new school.  Crazy, yes.  A typical 10 year old, no.  She is my worry wart of the two kids.  She stresses out about a lot of things.  IT tends to drive me crazy but that is her personality.  When I picked her up from school, she said everything went great.  The only trouble she had was opening her locker, which happened twice.  She now has a lock on her locker and I think that was her biggest worry along with going from a school that was one level to a new school that has three levels plus she now has to go to different classrooms for each class.  Let me tell you, since I am so used to not getting up in the middle of the night, this took a toll on me.  I am tired and cranky.  I did my best as a mom trying to reassure her that everything was going to be okay and everyone else was in the same boat.  In fact, two days before school started we had the open house to go to at the school so she could get her locker and find out her class schedule.  We ended up talking to teachers that she doesn’t even have and they reassured her that all the teachers would help her find her classes plus she wouldn’t get into trouble this first week of school if she was late for a class because all of the teachers know that she is learning the ropes.  It has been a quite interesting beginning of the week.

As for work, my boss had hip replacement surgery yesterday.  No, my boss isn’t 80 years old.  He is 53.  He is a very healthy person who exercises a lot.  He has run marathons in the past, he runs everyday, he plays tennis, basketball and golfs.  Of course he would run during his lunch hour and then play tennis or basketball at night.  I think he way overused his body.  The surgery went fine but he thinks he will be back to work on Monday.  Of course, that is what he said before the surgery.  We’ll see if he actually shows up.

Recent eats:

Yes, it wasn’t the healthiest that I ate, which my weight shows for it but it was our anniversary yesterday so I did splurge.  Also, I do believe that I am allergic to gluten.  My stomach had a huge food belly last night.  More than just eating this food yesterday.  To my credit I didn’t finish everything.  I will be starting to eat much better today.  Plus I need to drop that weight.  We have family pictures in a month and I don’t want to be fat in them. 


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