I Did It!!!

Yes, I did it.

I ran 3.10 miles in 33.14 minutes.  Can you believe it?  This coming for the girl who posted So Not a Runner.  I actually ran 3.1 miles.  This is a huge accomplishment for myself and i am very proud of myself for doing this.

Yes, it wasn’t the fastest time but at least I did it.  It goes to show you what you put your mind to, you can accomplish in life.  This is one thing that I want to teach my children and that is why I started running.  I wanted them to see that even though I haven’t ever ran before, if I put my mind to it, I can accomplish it and I did do it.  I am so hoping they will see and want to follow in my footsteps for accomplishing everything they put their mind to.  It just takes a little hard work, sweat and tears but it can be done.


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