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So as you know on Wednesday night I stayed up late and finished the book I was reading.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett: Book Cover (source)
Yes, I didn’t use a copy of the book that shows the actors from the movie that came out two days ago because this book was written as a novel and not to be made into a movie.
This book is awesome.  It is based on three characters, Skeeter, Aibleen and Minny.  They are in Mississippi in 1962.  Aibleen and Minny are black maids and Skeeter is a white girl in her early 20s who still lives at home but is done with college.  Reading this book it is unbelieveable for me to believe that in 1962 there was still such racial segregation.  Thinking that I was born just 10 years later I would never have thought it was still that way in 1962.
This book is based upon Skeeter deciding to write a book from “The Help’s” point of view for working for white folks.  Aibleen and Minny are the two maids that start their stories.  This book goes through each of their lives and each chapter is told in their own words.
One thing I found was that I was amazed at all of the things that the white people would say to their black maids or not say but would just say with them in the same room.  Obviously they didn’t think their help would ever talk and I forget that they did not consider them to be human beings but just “The Help”.
This book absolutely sucked me in.  I couldn’t put it down because first of all, I couldn’t believe that was still going on in 1962 (meaning that whites were still treating blacks so badly) plus I wanted to know what happened.  I was sad for the story to end.  It could absolutely be continued into a second book.
As for the movie, I’m not sure how they will ever do the book justice.  I want to see the movie but I have a feeling I will be disappointed because I can’t hardly believe they will follow the book.  Seeing other movies that were based on books, I know that is true.
Would I recommend this book:  Absolutely.  In fact, I’ve passed it on to my sister to read.

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  1. I recently read this and reviewed it on my site, too. I’m glad you loved the book– I did too! I don’t evenknow if I will see the movie, because I don’t want to be disappointed. Might just wait for it to come out on DVD? lol

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