Tax Free Weekend

So yesterday we got up at the butt crack of dawn to hit the road.  We headed out to Des Moines to do some shopping since it was a tax free weekend in Iowa.  Yes, tax free weekend.  What they do is on Friday and Saturday, the first weekend of August, they have no tax on certain items.  Mostly it is clothing and shoes.  Got to love that.  It means you save a bunch of money, there a ton of sales and a ton of people.

So first stop once we got to Des Moines was:

Farmer’s Market.  Got to love it.  Plus it was the first time the kiddos had been so they were totally excited to see it.

They were totally excited to see everything and they couldn’t believe how big it is.

There was chcolate filled crossiants to be eaten and dogs eating watermelon.

After we had spent a couple hours at the market, it was off to do some shopping.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.  It was busy, busy and busy.  So after a couple hours of shopping it was time for lunch.

Enter Buffalo Wild Wings, we have never eatened there.

After lunch, it was back to shopping for a while.  We had an excellent day of shopping and ended up with most of the things that we wre looking for the kiddos.

But before we headed out of town, we needed to hit the new Fro Yo place in town.  Now, reading the other blogs they all rave about Fro Yo and since there isn’t one in our town, I was extremely excited to try it.

I’ve never seen anything like this before.  We were all so, so excited.  We couldn’t decide what we wanted and then we couldn’t stop adding the toppings.

I promise under there is Barvarian Cheesecake and Rootbear.  Holy cow, this is my new favorite ice cream place.

Well by the time we got home, we were exhausted.

Now off to finish my scones.


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