Dark Circles and Puffiness

Hey, Happy Monday, not really because Mondays are never happy so let’s try Happy August 1st.  Hopefully everything is well and sunny where you are.  As for me it is sunny but hot and humid.  Have to make it through the next couple of days and then we will get out of the 90s.  That will be great.

So, I am one of those people who is unfortunate to have dark circles under my eyes.  So I have been trying out some new undereye cream to see if that will help.  So the picture on the right is from July 8th and the picture on the left is from this morning.

Hard to tell from the pictures but the dark circles are starting to lighten up.

Scary picture.  Yes, I still have teh puffiness but the dark circles are lighter.  Plus I have wrinkles.  Got to lvoe getting older.  So, this is what I have been using.

My mom sells Beauti Control and this is spa solutions, under eye dark circles & puffiness solution.  I do have to say once you put this on the puffiness goes down under your eyes and yes I have noticed that the dark circles are not as dark.  They have lightened up which is a huge relief.  So does this work, yes on the dark circles but not quite as good on the puffines.  Did the dark circles disappear?  No but they are lighter.

So onto breakfast.

Yogurt with Kashi Berry Blossoms cereal and fresh strawberries.  This hit the spot.  It was light and refreshing.

Now off to do the work thang.  Have a pretty good Monday.


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