Stage 4 of BGRWL

Happy Sunday, I hope it is a gorgeous day as it is for me.

Today I started Stage 4 for of the Beginner’s Guide to Running for Weight Loss.

This stage is now walk for 3 minutes.  Run for 3 minutes and repeat the sequence four more times.  End with 3 minutes of walking.  Total workout time:  33 minutes.

As you can see I went 2:55 miles in 33 minutes.  Yeah.  Now when I started out the first 3 runs for 3 minutes were just fine.  I had no problems and they went buy rather quickly.  The last 3 minute run was a killer.  I ended up walking for 30 seconds.  I was getting sick to my stomach.  I think it probably was because I hadn’t eaten anything.  Now that my runs are getting a little longer I think I will probably have to eat something light before I head out for a run.  Me, eating before running, who knew.  4 weeks ago I didn’t even think I could run this far.  This program is amazing.  Yes, I’m not the fastest runner, but hey, I am working my way up to that.

Yes, I was one sweaty mess by the time I got back.  It was terribly humid out that I couldn’t hardly stand it.  It took me a good 30 minutes to cool down after the run.

When I headed out for my run, hubby headed out for the 6 mile bike ride that we did yesterday with the kiddos.  Well, instead of taking an hour like it took us yesterday, he did it in 33 minutes.  We left at the same time and got back at the same time.  Of course I was running and he was riding a bike so it makes since he went twice as far in half the time.  Yes, he was one sweaty mess when he got back from his ride as well.

So since we were both hot and sweaty from our run, I decided we needed some fresh juice to cool us down.

Now my Jack Le Lanen’s Pwer Juice has been sitting in the cupboard gathering dust so I dug it out and juiced 2 peaches with 5 strawberries.

This turned out oh so pretty and tasted fantastic.  It hit the spot.  Must dig out that juicer more often.

Now off to enjoy the rest of our Sunday.  After a great day.


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