Fitness Friday

You know what today is?  It is TIG which also means it is Fitness Friday.

Mang running animation | The Mang Blorg(source)

So this is a recap of what I have done the past week for fitness plus how I felt.

Saturday – Rest day

We all need a rest day at least once a week.

Sunday – Walk 4minutes/Run 2 minutes (repeat) in 31:19 minutes/2.28 miles

Yes, the only thing I did on Sunday was run and I ended up cutting this run short by 2 minutes because it started to rain.  As you know I have started the Beginner’s Guide to Running for Weight Loss and I am on Stage 3.  This is a fabulous program.  I absolutely love it.  It gives me enough recover time after my run that I am not winded when it is time to start running again.  I do believe that I just might become a runner.  Who knew?

Monday – 20 minute walk – 50 minute water walk

In the mornings I take the pups for a 20 minute walk and then at night I go to the local pool and I walk the lazy river but I walk against the jets as they are still running so this makes this work out very hard.  I am proud of myself for doing this.

Tuesday – Walk 4 minutes/Run 2 minutes (repeat) in 33:00 minutes/2.33 miles – 45 minute water walk

Whoa, look at me I did the complete run for 33 minutes plus I did the water walk.  No wonder I was so tired that night.

Wednesday – 20 minute walk – 20 minute strength training workout

I walked the pups in the morning and then at night I made up my own 20 minute strength training workout and it had me sweating by the end.  The reason I did the strength train is because I missed out on my circuit classes this week due to picking Bubba up from football camp.

Thursday – Walk 4 minutes/Run 2 minutes (repeat) in 33:00 minutes/2.36 miles – 10 minutes of Yoga

Look it there, I increased my mileage from Tuesday on my run, yes, it is only .03 miles but hey it is progress, right?  I am proud of myself I completed Stage 3 of the run.  Yeah!!  I did 10 minutes of yoga at night because I am tight from the running which by tight I mean my hamstrings and calves.  It felt wonderful to stretch.

Friday – 20 minute walk

I did take the pups for their 20 minute walk this morning and I am hoping to hit up my circuit class today since Bubba is done with football camp.

Have a great Friday.

P.S. Don’t forget to vote for Fort Dodge, Iowa in the Bark for Your Park contest.



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