Fitness and Weightloss Update

TGIF.  Yes this post is late but it has been one of those days.

So I am going to start a new thing with the blog.  I am just starting this and as I have more time to sit and try to figure out what to add to this post ie pictures and what nots, it will be pretty boring this week.  My goal is to do a bunch of work on the blog this weekend.  So…..

Since it is Friday, I am trying to exercise more and lose weight I am going to do Fitness Friday Posts.  This will give a recap of my workouts for the week plus how Hubby and I’s weightloss goals are coming along.  As you know, we are both trying to lose 20 pounds by October.  So here it goes.

Today’s weighing in.


Beginning Weight – Today’s Weight – Difference

186.5                                 185.0                     -1.5


Beginning Weight – Today’s Weight – Difference

146.5                                 143.0                     -3.0

Yeah for both of us,  we still have a long ways to go but at least we are started on the right foot.

(source) (now if I only looked like that)

Now for a recap of my workouts.

Saturday – ran/walk for 30 minutes which covered 1.5 miles

Sunday – Walked 30 minutes

Monday – Ran/walk 1.73 miles in 23 minutes; Circuit class for 30 minutes; Water walk for 1 hour

Tuesday – Water walk for 40 minutes

Wednesday – Circuit class for 30 minutes; Walk for 30 minutes

Thursday – Barre Method for 40 minutes; Kickboxing for 15 minutes

Friday – Circuit class for 30 minutes.

Review – Obviously I need to push myself to run more.  But overall I did pretty well for my workouts.  I am trying to do at least an hour of exercise everyday.  Plus I know, I will need to get rest days in there and I will eventually figure that out.  Now off to enjoy the rest of the night.  Have a great night.


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