National Junk Food Day and Hemingway’s Birthday

So I turned on the computer this morning and got hit in the face that today is National Junk Food Day and also Ernest Hemingway’s Birthday.  What a day today is.  Who doesn’t love junk food?  Plus who doesn’t love Ernest Hemingway’s writings?  My father got me to read Ernest Hemingway’s Old Man and The Sea.  That is the very first Hemingway writing that I ever read when I was 13 and I absolutely fell in love with his writing.  I continued to read as much as I could.  It is so sad that he took his life.  If you have never read any of his writings you must.  They are amazing.
Now onto National Junk Food Day.  Really, we make a national holdiay for this?  Actually I eat junk food almost everyday.  I love sweets and junk food.  I have been trying to eat much better but that sweet tooth just won’t go away quitely.  Will you particpate in National Junk Food Day?  I for one am definitely going to try and avoid it.  I’m not saying that will happen but I am defintely going to try.
So this morning I got up to take the pups for a walk before my run.  Well when I took the pups out I could see dark clouds and lightening so, so much for that run.  Because about 15 minutes after I got back with the pups this was happening.
The rain started.  I am not complaining because boy do we need the rain but I wish I could have gotten my run in.  The plus about the rain?
Yep, it cooled down outside.  It is 65° outside at 7:09 a.m.  How happy am I?  So happy that I opened a few of the doors to get the cool air inside because as you can tell, it was cooler outside than inside.  Plus the humidty wasn’t that bad.  Boy how I wish I could stay home today because I would open up all the windows in the house until the sun started to shine.  It is so, so nice out.  The weather is cool and it is raining.  Thank you Lord for a break in the heat.  After having 5 days in a row in the upper 90s this is fantastic.
Now onto breakfast.
French Toast bagel with Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Strawberries and Chia Seeds on top plus iced coffee on the side.  This combination is amazing.  It tastes like chocolate covered strawberries.  I need to find a bagel though that isn’t so high in calories.  The bagel is from when we went to Panera Bread.  Of courese, I’m not complaining.  I love Panera bagels but they are probably very high in calories (haven’t checked).  The peanut butter:
This is the third jar that I got from the Open Sky offer.  It is Vermont Peanut Butter – Good Karma.  It is just like the other two that I received that has a small amount of peanut chunks in it plus it has dark chocolate.  This is very, very good peanut butter.  I am not a dark chocolate fan at all so for me to say this is very, very good means it is fantastic.  I must say, I think I like it better than the white chocolate peanut butter.  I know who am I that I like dark chocolate over white chocolate?
Now off to do the work thing.  Have a great day.

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