Market on Central

So after breakfast Hubby and I went to the new market that they started last weekend in town.

Market on Central – they are trying to bring more business downtown and to have people come out and enjoy music and other vendors rather than just the Farmer’s Market.  We do have one of those and it is at the other end of town on Saturday mornings and Wednesday nights.  So this is one thing they are experiementing with.  Notice the sign above says no alcohol allowed (yet they were selling wine).  One of the vendors is a local winery and they had samples of wine plus you could buy their wine.  I, of course, had try the wine and yes I ended up buying a bottle.  They gave me a recipe for a sangria to make with the wine.  They had it mixed up and I tried it.  Let me tell you, I cannot wait to mix this up.

Can you hear the birds chirping in the background.  This place was dead as a doornail.  There were only about 15 vendors.  I guess after being at the Des Moines Market last weekend which was huge, this was pretty disappointing.  Hubby and I walked the street twice.  By the time we left there was a little more traffic flowing.  I really hope this grows and people start coming out for it.

They also had music playing and last night there was a concert in town performed by Vocal Trash.  Now if you are not familar with them they play instruments such as trash cans, pots, water bottles, etc.  Plus they sing and let me tell you they are quite good.  They played this morning for 45 minutes (plus it was free) and Hubby and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  Here are some pics from their performance.

Let me tell you, if you ever are able to go see them you must.  They are amazing.  They have a two guys that do break dance moves and they go into the audience to talk and perform plus they really get the crowd into.  Plus their message is to recycle.  What a way to pass the word around about recycling.  They have just started their tour for the summer and run through October.  You should go to their website and check it out.  You won’t be dissapointed in Vocal Trash.

So by the time Hubby and I got home, I was getting hungry.  So today for lunch I used another recipe from Kelly at Foodie Fresh.  Today I made her Watermelon, Pistachio, and Spinach Salad.

You will need:

  • 3 loose cups of spinach
  • 2/3 cup watermelon, cubed
  • 1/2 cup cucumbers, sliced
  • 3 T shelled pistachios
  • 1/2 oz. feta cheese
  • juice of 1 lime
  • 1/2 tsp. honey
  • 1 tsp. fresh basil.

Put all ingredients in a bowl except lime, honey and basil.  Squeeze the lime over the salad and then drizzle the honey over the salad and top with fresh basil. 

This is a really good salad in fact, Hubby even liked it.  He doesn’t like spinach so I made his with lettuce.  Plus Kelly didn’t add the basil but I thought it just added one more layer of flavor.  Of course, I am a huge fan of basil so I add it whenever I can.

This salad defintely screams summer to me and I think it would be perfect at picnics.

Now off to get a few more chores done for the day.  It is hotter than blazes outside so we are staying indoors.  Enjoy your day.


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  1. Glad you liked the salad! I actually did add basil but somehow forgot to mention it. Whoops! 😉

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