Missed the gym?!?

Yep, I actually missed the gym today.  Not by missing as not going (which I didn’t) but myself, I actually missed going.  Usually on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays I go to the gym at 11:30 to do a circuit class.  Well today I didn’t get to go.  I had to stay at work and man the phones because apparently I am the only one who is able to do it.  I was really bummed that I didn’t get to go to the gym.

By the time I was done manning the phones the class was over and I was ready for lunch

Colorful plate

So I had a colorful plate for lunch today.  I had carrots (which have seen better days), sun dried tomatoe hummus, tomatoe, red grapes and a donut?  Yep, it’s donut Friday at the office and I needed a little sugar to get me through the afternoon.  Everything tasted fantastic.

So my boss decided to show up at 3:30 today. 

Me:  What are you doing here?

Boss:  I’m here to get some work done.

Me:  It couldn’t wait until Monday?

Boss:  (just laughs)

I didn’t think it was funny at all.  Nothing like ruining a Friday afternoon.  Plus to top it all off he informed me that I almost had to drive 4 hours to pick him up because he didn’t have a ride home.  I asked him what was he smoking on vacation.  He just laughs.  I’m not being funny, I was serious.  Why would I drive 4 hours to pick my boss up, he has family for crying out loud and he went on vacation with his family.  Geez. 

Anyway when I finally got home from work, I was lazy and Hubby was lazy so it was make your own supper.


So nachos is what I was craving.  Chips, cheddar cheese, salsa and black beans.  It hit the spot plus it was super quick and easy.

Now it is off to get a little work done and then off to the pool for swimming since I didn’t hit the gym today.  Have a great night.


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