It’s been hot, hot and more hot

Yep, that’s all it’s been here.  Hot, hot and more hot.

Yep, the temp says 102 outside at 11:52 a.m.  With the heat index it has been anywhere from 109 to 111°.  So needless to say, I haven’t felt like cooking nor eating.  So my vegetarian week has been going good.  I haven’t eaten any meat all week and I have been fine with it.  In fact, I haven’t missed it at all.  My Hubby has missed it so we will start going back to eating meat but I will probably opt out most of the time and make myself something vegetarian. 

So my recent eats have been:

On another note, we ended up returning our new friends. 

They started to go to the bathroom on my carpet.  Which so doesn’t work.  I don’t know if they got comfortable and started to mark their territory or what the reason was because they were litter box trained.  I don’t know which one did it but I knew I couldn’t break them from it so I returned them.  They will still be given a good home.  They were born on a farm and the owners will take good care of them.  They will be outside cats but at least they will still be loved.  In fact, the daughter was so excited to see them back, I know they will be taken good care of.

On another note.

Miss Tabby is coughing instead of meowing.  Yes you read that correct.  When she opens her mouth to meow it comes out sounding like a cough.  So we are off to take her to the vet, which she absolutely hates.  This shall be an interesting visit.

Have a great Saturday.


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