Cuteness and Roadtrip

Here is some cuteness to get your night started.

GizzyTabby and Petey


Now on to lunch.  Before we left for our roadtrip I made a Vegan & Gluten-Free Broccoli Pasta Salad which I got the recipe from Daily Garnish.  Emily at Daily Garnish is just so darn cute.  She is going to have a baby this fall and you can follow her progress on her blog.  I wish her a happy and healthy pregnancy.  Anyway back to the salad (I actually got a picture of it.)

Mine wasn’t gluten free but boy oh boy did this taste good.  Even Hubby approved of this one and even had seconds.  I’m working on his to enjoy his veggies and actually, maybe, even like them.

So we were packed and hopped in the car after lunch.  I am not a good traveler at all.  I hate sitting in one spot for so long so I brought a few things to do.

First up, paint my nails.  Let me tell you, I have done this so many times in the car Hubby doesn’t even complain about the smell anymore plus I am really good at it that I actually keep on my nails rather than getting it on the skin all around it. 

After then nails were painted it was time for some drinks and little reading.  I needed the caffeine after the late night that we had last night.  After about 15 minutes it was time to move on to something else.

It was snack time.  Yes, I get bored and need something to eat to keep my mouth and my hands busy.  I only ate about 10 of these and then they gave me a sore on the tip of my tongue.  It must have been the sour on them, it does it to me every time.

By this time I was getting really bored (we’d only been on the road about 1 hour 20 minutes).  Need to snap a photo of the Hubby driving.  So it was time for a quick car coma.  Yes, this tends to happen to me a lot.  Unfortunately it was only about a 20 minute nap.  We stopped for gas and Hubby and I switched places and I drove (I think he knew I was awake and it is better if I drive rather than just sit in the passenger seat, I tend to drive him crazy).

As most of you have heard about all of the flooding along the Missouri River we ended up seeing some of it.

I know this flodding doesn’t seem that bad and there are places much, much worse but I thought maybe you would like to see pictures.  After having to bale last night, my heart truly goes out to everyone whose home has been flooded.  I cannot imagine all of the heartache that they are going through.  I thank my lucky stars that we have a dry basement.

After 3 1/2 hours in the car we finally we arrived at our destination:

We are staying at the Ramada in Sioux Falls.

Our room

The room is clean and bathroom is okay.  The room is nothing fantastic but it will work for the next couple of nights.  I am hoping they have a great breakfast here.

So after we had checked in and checked out our room, it was time for supper.  I was starving.  Sitting in a car for 3 1/2 hours apparently is a lot of work on the tummy.

We ate at Johnny Carino’s Italian Restaurant.  I have eaten here before but it was Hubby’s first time.

As you can see this is a cute restaurant.  It has an open kitchen plus a wood burning oven.

When the waiter first comes they bring you fresh baked bread and dipping sauce.  Oh my, died and gone to a very good place.  I absolutely love this dipping sauce.  It is roasted garlic and spices plus olive oil and the bread, let’s just say it tastes as good as it smells.

To start off the meal I had the house sangria.  I have never had one of these before and I have always wanted to try one because they look so good.  Let’s just say, this went down way too smooth.  It tasted as good as it looked.

Our waitress told us it was family night and so all of the family entrees (which serves 2 to 3 people) was 1/2 off.  Half off, yep, sign me up.  So they had 8 different entrees to decide from.  Way, way to many decisions for us.





I had a house salad with a raspberry vinegrette and then came the main course, Chicken Penne Gorgonzola.  Yes, there is chicken and no I did not eat it.  I am keeping with the vegetarian week.  But it did have mushrooms, tomatoes and the cheese, oh the cheese.  This was fantastic.  In fact it was so much, Hubby and I couldn’t even finish it.

Hubby enjoyed the meal

Now we are back at the hotel.  I am going to hit the gym to try to work off all of the carbs that I ate and then we are hitting the hay early.  Busy day tomorrow and we are tired from all of the baling we did last night.  Have a great night.


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