Going vegetarian for a week

We got the kiddos all packed up and on the road this morning with the in-laws.  They are gone for a week and I could be more excited depressed about it.  So I talked to Hubby about trying being vegetarian for the week that they are gone.  He is throwing a tantrum thrilled about it.  We live in the Midwest and meat is a HUGE part of our meals.  In fact, I have a very hard time trying to get them to eat 1 meal a week without meat.  So I told Hubby that we would try it just to see how it is and maybe then incorporate it into our weekly meals at least twice a week once the kiddos get back.  Living in the Midwest we cannot drive down the highway without seeing cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, chicken, deer, raccoons (except they are roadkill) and I do put a stop to eating them.  Yes, there is deer in the list and yes we do eat it.  Yes, I am from the Midwest and I grew up with my dad hunting and Hubby does it to.  So as you can see, trying to get him to go vegetarian is going to be a huge challenge but he has agreed to do it for 1 week. 

So I sat down and checked the other bloggers who are vegan or vegetarian to figure out my meal plan and to find recipes.

I made a grocery list:

and we went to the grocery store.  Came home and unpacked the car.

Yes, there is a bag of Doritos in these sacks.  No I did not pick them up, Hubby said he would be living off of this bag for the week deserves one last treat before he goes vegetarian for the week.

Now it is off to ge a few things done and since Hubby is being such a good sport we are going to a concert tonight.  Let you know about it in the morning.


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