The Sun is Shining!!!

The sun is finally shining today.

Beautiful Morning

What a beautiful sight.  Nothing like seeing the sun.  After the last 4 days of rain and gloom.  This is fabulous to see.  Nothing like getting your Friday off on the right foot.  Since the sun was shining I took the pups for a 30 minute walk.  They loved it and I loved it.  After our walk it was time for breakfast.

Friday Breakfast

Toast with White Cocholate Wonderful Peanut Butter and my homemade blueberry jam.  This hit the spot on such a beautiful day.

So last night after I was done blogging, this is what happened.

They decided that my laptop was the best place to curl up and go to sleep.  Needless to say, the laptop was still on my lap.  Oh well, when they are this cute how can you tell them know.  I must admit, these two are finding a way into all of our hearts.  I guess they will be staying.  We were trying them for a week to see how everyone would get along and everyone is starting to come around to them.  By everyone I mean our cat and two dogs.  Yes, we are turning into a zoo.  Good thing we bought a bigger house last year.


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