Two New Members

Over the weekend we welcomed two new members to our family.

Ellie Mae and Petey

Ellie Mae and Petey are 8 week old kittens.  Ellie Mae is the black and white and Petey is the orange and white.  Yes, we are turning into Old Mac Donald’s Farm at our house.  That makes 3 cats and 2 dogs for us.  Six weeks ago we were at a graduation party of one of my co-workers and Bubba got to see the kittens.  Well, he fell in love with them and kept bugging me about getting one.  So on Friday night we went and looked at the kittens.  Well, he fell in love with Petey and how can you take one home without it having a playmate.  Yes, they are brother and sister and yes, our other cat does not like them and yes, they do not care for our dogs.  I told the kiddos that we would try them for a week and see if everyone can get along.  But to tell you the truth, when they play, how can you not fall in love with them.

So we will see how it goes and if everyone can get along, I am wondering if it will happen.  Hopefully everyone will get along but for now there is a lot of barking, hissing, spitting and yelling going on.  It is quite comical though.  I think my life would be pretty boring without the pets and kiddos but at least my life is interesting.


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