Decision Time

I have made a decision about the blog.  Yes I will continue to blog.  If anything, it will give the kiddos something to look back on and see how they have changed and what we have done in our lives.

Will this blog be about my kiddos – absolutely (they are a part of my daily life)

Will this blog be about food – absolutely (it might even include some donuts every now and then). 

Will it be about shoes – absolutely (I own at least 60 pairs).

Will it be about eating healthy – probably but not about being a vegetarian or vegan.  I grew up in the Midwest and still live here.  I cannot imagine going without meat.  Will I try to incorporate a meatless Monday meal – once in a while. 

Will this blog be about trying to excerise – absolutely (may not be the best at keeping at every day but I will try).

Will my life seem really boring some days – absolutely

Will the blog have new recipes – absolutely.

Will the blog be about weightloss – hopefully.

Hope you enjoy the journey and many adventures in our lives.  Please follow me if you choose and I hope you learn a few new things as well.


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