Feeling kind of lazy.

Right now this is hubby:

Apparently he and Gizzy are awful tired tonight.  Actually hubby has had to be at work an hour earlier so he now gets up at 4:30.  Guess I would be tired too.  But last night he was one busy bee.

He worked on getting the ceiling back up in Bubba’s room and to start getting shelving up in Bubba’s closet.

Closet before:

Closet after:

Now the next project is to get some doors on the closet.  The basement is getting closer but we are still not done yet.  I can’t wait until we are done.  Of course hubby couldn’t do his work without his supevisor:

He needs the drill next.

Since it was Bubba’s closet we made him put his clothes in the closet.

Bubba was racing trying to get all the clothes hung up before I could take a picture of him.  Need to be just a little faster. 

This morning I got up and took the pups for a walk.  Of course it had been pouring down rain 1/2 an hour before I took them.  In fact, it was raining and thundering so loud that it woke me up.  After the walk, it was time for breakfast.

Iced coffee and a bagel with strawberry cream cheese.  It was good yesterday so I had to repeat it again today.  Speaking of repeat:

same lunch as yesterday.  Fruit with yogurt and granola.  Love this meal.  Except today it did not stick with me so about 3:30 my stomach was starting to rumble again.

Good thing we had a whole box of these in the breakroom.  Excpt I thought they sounded better than they tasted.  I only ended up eating 1/2 of the packet but itwasenough to stop the tummy from rumbling.

when I got home from work today:

Spaghetti and breadsticks for supper.  I love, love spaghetti.  So I was one happy camper when I got home tonight. 

Now it is off todo some laundry and be lazy the rest of the night plus AGT and The Voice is on tonight that I need to catch.  Have a great night.


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