Taylor Swift – Speak Now Concert

So last night I took Chickie to the Taylor Swift – Speak Now World Tour Concert.  So Chickie is going to do a guest post about the concert.

Hello I’m Chickie and this is one of the 12 trailers she had!

Another one of her trailers.

One of her 3 buses that she rode in.

When we were driving to Des Monies we were listening to her music.

We had to eat before we went in so I had a bolonga and smoked gouda sandwich while mom had a wrap or something like that. [P.S. the smoked gouda is really good!]

We went around and took some pix.


Cardboard Taylor Swift not the real one. Though it would be great to meet her in person!



Mom had no zoom on the camra! That’s how close we were! I was very exicted. Before we got into the arena, I said to Mom,”This is the longest 10 min of my life!” 5 min later:”This is the longest 5 min of my life!”

here’s the stage:

I got autograghs and pictures with the drummer and gutair player of Taylor Swift!



Gutair player






Lead singer

The second opening act was




The opening acts were awsome! I prefere Need To Breathe.

Taylor’s on now![She went on about 8:30]

Double screen's cool right?

 Here are the songs she sang:

  • Sparks Fly
  • Mine
  • Story of Us
  • Our Song
  • Mean
  • Back to December
  • Better than Revange
  • Speak Now
  • Fearless
  • Last Kiss
  • You Belong With Me
  • Dear John
  • Enchanted
  • Haunted
  • Long Live
  • Fifteen
  • Love Story

Here’s the heart hand:

Heart Hand


She’s singing:





Just a harp player,not Taylor






She flyed above the crowd!

 I loved the concert so much I want her to be the sister I never had!I want to go to all of her concerts!

It was hectic getting out but we waited awhile and we got out.I said to Mom “Happy Monday.” because it was past 12:00 and then I fell asl


Bye bye you’ll see me in other posts!


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