Sometimes Just Too Tired

Yesterday I did not blog.  I was so, so tired yesterday.  No matter what I did I could just not get myself to wake up.  It makes working very, very hard.  Especially when you have a ton of work to get done.

Breakfast ,a yogurt bowl.  I used Chobani Lemon Yogurt, fresh strawberries, Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Peach Puffs.  Plus a side of coffee trying to get myself to wake up.  It did not help.

Breakfast in the morning is quite busy now that we have added another person to the mix.  Of course, the new person doesn’t care to have her picture taken or is it because the sun is shining in her eyes that she doesn’t look up?  I’m guessing it is because she doesn’t like her picture taken.

About 10 I was hungry (tired) so I thought having a Luna Bar would help.  I only ended up eating half of it because it didn’t help what I was looking for.  I was trying to find something that would wake me up.  This did not help.

Lunch was an old standby.  Carrots and hummus.  This was the first time I ever tried Sabra Hummus.  I’m not a huge olive person but I thought this sounded good when I picked it up.  It is very good hummus except it has way to many olives for me.  I should have tried a different kind.  That will be next on my list.  I also had some:

 Grapes.  These grapes are so, so sweet.  They really tasted good.  Of course they didn’t do anything to help wake me up.  So about 2:00 I felt like I could fall asleep.  So I was needing something to help me wake up.

Cake and a regular Mountain Dew.  I never, ever drink regular pop.  I thought between the caffeine and the sugar it would at least help me wake up.  Big fat fail.  It did not help at all.  I thought with all of the sugar running through me I would be flying higher than a kite.  No such luck.  I’m not sure what was wrong with me, I have never been so tired before.

Finally I got to 5:00 so I could head home.  When I got home Hubby had supper ready.

It was a Brown Rice Casserole.  The kiddos did not care for it at all.  Hubby, my sister and I all thought it was good.  It did need some Ham though and that would have made it perfect.  As soon as I ate a little bit I went to bed.  I slept for 45 minutes and then just sat around on the couch the rest of the night.  I did end up going to bed early to.

I got up this morning and took the pups for a walk.  Boy did I feel much better.  Not sure what was wrong with me yesterday but apparently I needed some sleep.  While I was out walking the pups the moon was still out.

You would never have guessed that it was 6:00 in the morning when I took this picture.  It was just gorgeous out when I walked the pups.  Now it is time to figure out breakfast and to get the kiddos to quit fighting and get ready for work.  Hopefully today will be a better day.


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