Company for the summer

Most people get company for a day or a week but I on the other hand will have company for the entire summer.

She is staying with us for the summer to do an internship.  She gets to apply for vet school in the fall so she needs to do an internship with a vet.  Well the hometown that she leaves in, which is really small, only has 1 vet and he wouldn’t let her do an internship with him.  Which I think is really weird considering he would have had to do one when he was trying to get into vet school.  I think that is rude not to help out fellow students but I am not him.  So anyways, today was her first day at the vet.  As you can see she gets to wear scrubs.  This one is cute because it has cats and a few dogs all over it with hearts.  This is what I need to wear to work so I don’t have to figure out every morning what I should wear.  Need to focus on what I was writing about, back to it was her first day at the vet.  Apparently she really enjoyed it, I didn’t get to talk to her because by the time I got home from work she was off to her second job for the day.  On top of interning at the vet she is also working at one of the grocery stores in town.  She has worked for the same chain for the last 5 years so it was easy for her to get on working there.  So I guess with us having company for the summer, I’m not sure how much she will actually be at my house other than to eat, sleep and shower.  She worked at the vet today from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and then at the grocery store from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  She will be one tired girl when she gets here.

So today was a gym day over my lunch hour.  It was a day of circuit training for the upper body.  We had 5 stations and did 3 different circuit stations.  Nothing like having wobbly arms by the time I got done.  I felt like I dragged my arms back to work on the ground.  I am hoping that with this I will actually have some muscle definition in my arms.  Right now, nothing.

So when I got back from the gym I was hungry.

Old reliable.  Carrots and hummus.  Seriously, I could eat this stuff 24/7.  I am that addicted to it.  I missed it over the weekend so it was nice to have it today.  Of course I finished it up but luckily I picked up another container when we got groceries over the weekend. 

As you know, it is graduation time.  Which means graduation parties.  Which means leftover cake.

She brought a whole sheet cake that was leftover.  A whole sheet cake with the excellent frosting.  I could not resist.  Of courese, I countered it with nuts.  Nuts are good for you, right?  Well this cake is awesome.  Of course she got it from my favorite place in town.  Let me tell you it took all, I mean all, of my willpower not to have a second piece later in the afternoon.  I love cake.  Luckily the sheet cake is 1/2 white and 1/2 chocolate.  More people took the chocolate.  I love white cake.  The only way I eat chocolate cake is in a coffee mug with milk poured over it.  That is fantastic way to eat chocolate cake.  Need to make a mental note to take milk so I can have some chocolate cake tomorrow.

So when I got home tonight I thought we were having a meatless meal, I had found a rice dish that I wanted to try (meaning Hubby was making it) but I forgot to read how long it took and let Hubby know.  It took 45 minutes just for the rice that was in it and then another 45 minutes for it to bake int he oven.  Oops, my bad.  So it was fend for yourself tonight.

Moringstar Black Bean Veggie Burger with velveeta cheese and bbq sauce on it.  I guess I did get my meatless meal for supper.

After the quick supper (yep it was very quick to make) Hubby and I took the pups for a walk since it is gorgeous outside.

Now it is off to watch Dancing with the Stars.


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