Bon Jovi Concert

Today I have a guest post.  Bubba and Hubby went to the Bon Jovi Concert on Thursday night.  So Bubba is going to do a guest post about the concert.  Hope you enjoy it.

Dad and I here and just getting on the highway. I’m so excited about the concert and dad is just as excited.It is a long road ahead and probably boring until the concert.

Well I was fight about the road but it was nice to get some sun. I was really hungry when we got there so we decided to eat on the tailgate of the truck. We packed some sandwiches,some chips, and some pop.

Here’s the arena and it looked HUGE! We got good parking spots because we got there early and the parkeng lot we were in had a lot of room in it still.

Well we’re where there going to scan tickets and I noticed this sign and was like WOW! If it said that I was wandering how many they have had.

Look at all the people waiting to get there tickets scanned! We’re clear at the bottom of the steps.

Check out what the tickets are like. Not to fancy but it will do.

Look at the stage even though it’s blury it looks cool. I can’t believe my eyes!

I’m so excited about this and the last picture is from where I am siting right now. I got the shirt I am wearing now at the booth they were selling Bon Jovi stuff.

And the concert starts off. Dad and I are singing along and are having fun.

After the concert my voice is sore and I am so tired. I’m glad I did this and hope to do it again.


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