Thunder, Lightning and Hail, Oh, My

Last night about 9:00 the thunder started to rumble.  Then the lightning and rain started.  Then the hail came down.

That is not snow.  That is hail.  Luckily it wasn’t big hail but boy did a lot of it fall last night.  The wind was a blowing so there are quite a few leaves and some branches down.  I knew with all of the hot weather we have had that we would evenutally end up with quite a storm.  Luckily there were no tornadoes.  So I am very thankful for that and I can live with the hail (since it was so small).  In fact, it was gone this morning.  No proof of it at all.

So this morning for breakfast:

Coffee with a yogurt bowl.  Today it was vanilla greek yogurt, strawberries (with some truvia sprinkled on top) and Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal.  It was just enough to hit the sweet tooth that I had flairing up this morning.

Someone gets a haircut today.

Yep, Gizzy gets a haircut.  She is way, way overdue.  She is like a wooly mammoth.  We will see how she comes out today.  We are going to a different groomer so this will be interesting.

Now off to work and taking Chickie to school.  Bubba is already at school.  He has a field trip this morning.  TGIF.


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