Dance, Errands and Ice Cream

Dance, errands and ice cream is exactly what my night consisted of.  Before I get to that though must back up to this afternoon.

Comfy outfit to work today since the weather has been so hot at owrk I needed something to make me actually go to work today.  It has been such a long week that I had to put comfy clothes on since I could not just stay home all day in my pjs. 

About 11 the tummy started to grumble apparently my yogurt bowl from this morning did not stick with me at all.

Thank goodness I packed a Luna Bar.  This was my first time eating the carmel nut brownie.  Let me tell you, I really, really like this one.  Of course it is brownie and carmel.  I love those two together.

When it came around to lunch time I really wasn’t that hungry so I ended up working through my lunch hour.  About 1:30 my tummy started to grumble again.

I ended up only eating the carrots and hummus.  My tummy got full before I got to the Chobani.  I thought I would keep it for my 3:00 hunger pains but that didn’t happen until 3:30 and by then another one of the attorneys in the office needed some work done ASAP so needless to say, I didn’t get the Chobani.  I had to leave work at 4:30 today since hubby and bubba were going to Des Moines to the Bon Jovi concert and I needed to get Chickie to dance.  Yep, that is where dance comes in.  Next week is her dance recital so I knew she had to be at practice tonight.  After I picked her up from dance, it was a quick bite in the car for her because we had errands to run.

Yep, she is eating a Clif bar as we roll down the street.  This is what you call multitasking.  Not only do I do it, I make the kiddos do it as well.

We ended up at:

This is what we came home with:

You see, Chickie has a birthday party on Saturday so we had to get a prsent (or 10).  Nothing like being an 11 year old girl.  Got to love all the stuff they have for girls these days. 

So on the way home from Wal-Mart, we needed ice cream.  Must treat ourselves since the boys are at a concert, right?

We stopped at the local ice cream shop and Chickie got an Oreo Whip and I got a lemon/strawberry ice cream with crunch on top.  Nothing like hitting the spot.  Now off to watch American Idol.  Have a great night.


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