Baby, it’s hot outside

That is exactly how it is outside.  It got to 97° today.  That is crazy for May 10th plus we crushed the old record.  The old record was set in 1945 and it was 93°.  Yep, that is how it is.

That is 8:45 p.m. and it is 85° outside.  Since it got so warm out today, I just got back from my run.

One hot mess, yep that is what I came back from my quick 20 minute run.  I only ran about half of that.  No, I have not been doing my training for the couch to 5k run.  I need to definitely get back into it.  I need to drop 40 pounds.  Ten to make sure that my summer clothes will fit me.  I am very, very frustrated with myself.  I never to seem to finish anything that I start.  My mind focus definitely needs to change.  I am going to work on it (actually I have to stick with this.  I have got to lose weight otherwise I will have to go wardrobe shopping and not for smaller clothes but for much bigger clothes.  I love food so, so much).  Anyways, back to today.

Bubba had a band program this afternoon.

He plays the trombone.  He has played it for 2 years now.  He is very good and it is amazing the difference in the band from last year to this year.  Of course, the school isn’t air conditioned, we were packed into the gym and they shut the doors so there was no air circulation.  Can we say stick to the seats.  Since it was Bubba’s band concert my in-laws were in town and we went to Applebee’s for supper.

  • Grilled Dijon Chicken & Portobellos


This is one of their under 550 calories dish.  It was very, very good and I enjoyed it.  I was full by the time I got done that I didn’t even it it all.
Now it is off to watch The Voice.  I love this show.


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2 responses to “Baby, it’s hot outside

  1. Don’t you love it when restaurant offer healthy meals? Great job making yourself run though, especially given that heat!

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