Happy Cinco de Mayo

Before we get to Cinco de Mayo must back up to lunch.

Thursday lunch

Lunch was leftover Subway Sandwich.  the bread was a little soggy but all of the veggies were still crisp.  Boy did it hit the spot.  After lunch was time for dessert.

I used Gina’s recipe from Fitnessista for Amazeball.  This is the first time that I made them and tried them and they are absolutely amazing.  I love them.  Will defintely be making more of them plus it helped give me that boost I needed to make it through the rest of the day. 

After work I had to pick up Chickie from dance class and then it was time to head home to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

No I did not eat all of this, we all shared and Hubby is the only one who finished his.  We picked up the food from Tres Amigos.  It was absolutely delicious.  Now I am off to finish my margarita, finish laundry and do packing for the weekend.  Have a great evening.


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