Quick Trip

Quick Trip is the story of my week.  As you know from the last post (which was a couple days ago) Hubby’s grandmother passed away so on Monday we made a quick trip to our hometown to attend the visitation and the funeral.  She had everything picked out that she wanted at her funeral, the songs and the scripture verses.  It was amazing at what she picked out.  They told the story of her journey leaving Earth and entering Heaven.  Nothing like making you cry but yet being reassured that she is in a better place.  Unfortunately, with everything going on there was no picture taking.  The kiddos were fantastic.  They wanted flowers sent to the funeral which we did for them.  Bubba did a red rose and Chickie did a yellow rose.  They asked the funeral director if they could put them in the casket with great-grandma before the casket was closed.  So right before the casket was to be closed the funeral director came and got us so the kiddos could put their flowers in the casket.  He asked them if they wanted him to put the flowers in or if they wanted to.  The both said they did and they knew exactly where they wanted to put them.  They layed them on each shoulder and told her that they loved her and would miss her.  Yes, my kiddos are mature way beyond their years, unfortunately I am so very sad that they are that way but I am also thankful that funerals do not upset them terribly that they can say their final goodbyes without feeling guilty.

So today it was back to work for me.  I was running late so there was no picture of breakfast.  It was 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and honey.  Quick but oh so filling.  It is Wednesday so it was off to the gym.  It was all circuit work today so we worked the entire body.  It felt great to sweat just to get all of the emotions out of me and to start to feel like life was getting back to normal.  Once I got back from the gym it was lunchtime.

The last of the carrots and the last of the tomato & basil hummus from Trader Joe’s.  (Will definitely have to find a way to make another trip soon to Trader Joe’s) Plus a peach Chobani (I did add homemade granola to it after I snapped the picture).

After work it was a quick trip to Ames (which is an 1 hour and 20 minutes from our house).  My sister goes to college at Iowa State University and this is her last week.  She needed us to run down and bring some things back for her from her dorm room since no one is going down to help her move out.  Hubby fed the kiddos before I got home leftover tater tot casserole.  I unfortunately had to eat on the road.

I received a box in the mail from Cheez-It and they had three possible new flavors to try.  They were colby, ramano and asiago.  We all tried them and we all decided that we liked ramano the best.  I also had Smores Rice Cakes from Aldi.  They were fantastic.  It was just the right amount of chocolate that I was craving.

So when we got to my sister’s her room was a mess but she knew eactly what she wanted us to take (how, I will never know).

Do you see Chickie? Love ya sis

After our hard work of packing (it took about 1 1/2 hours just because she wasn’t actually ready, surprise, surprise).  We were done and it was time to head home.  A quick stop.

Yep, we needed some ice cream.  We absolutely love Cold Stone Creamery.  Kiddos knew what they wanted and so did I.

Like It size of cake batter ice cream with M & Ms and carmel mixed in.  Boy did that hit the spot. 

Now we are back home and I am ready for bed.  Need to get up early to run and get laundry started.  I have another quick trip in the next couple of days.


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