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Oreo Cheesecake

Oreo cheesecake, that is what I made for Memorial Day but before I get to that it was the kiddos last day of school.

They are really upset about it.

As you can tell that are totally upset that it is their last day of school for the summer.  Oh to be a kid in school again.

So we had tacos for supper.

I opted out of the taco shell but instead had myself a salad.  In the mix:

  • Spinach
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • taco meat
  • tomatoe
  • black olives
  • cheddar cheese
  • taco sauce.

This was great and it hit the spot.  For dessert:

Oreo Cheesecake



  • 2 T butter, melted
  • 1 1/2 cups Oreo cookie crumbs (about 25 Oreo cookies, finely chopped)


  • Three 8 oz. packages cream cheese, softened
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 5 eggs
  • 1/4 t salt
  • 2 t vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
  • 8 oz sour cream
  • 5 Oreo cookies, coarsely chopped, for filling
  • 10 Oreo cookies, coarsely chopped, for topping

Have all the ingredients at room temp before beginning

Preheat oven to 325°

 To make the crust, mix the melted butter with the Oreo cookie crumbs and press onto the bottom and 1 1/2 inches up the sides of a 9-inch springform pan; set aside.

To make the filling, beat the cream cheese with an electric mixer on low until fluffy.

Slowly add the sugar and continue beating the cream cheese until mixed well.

Add the eggs one at a time and continue to beat until blended.

Measure the vanilla, salt, and flour; pour into the cream cheese mixure and beat until smooth.

Add the sour cream and beat.

Stir in teh 5 coarsely chopped Oreo cookies with a spoon.

Pour the cream cheese mixture into the springform pan.

Sprinkle the 10 coarsely chopped Oreo cookies over the filling.

Place the pan in the middle of oven and bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

After that time, keep the oven door open and let the cheesecake stay in the oven for 1 hour.  Remove from the oven and let cool enough to place in the refrigerator for 24 hours.




When I served it I topped it with 1/2 an Oreo and Cool Whip.

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Happy Tuesday

I know it is Tuesday but boy does it feel like a Monday.  We woke up to rain.  The good thing is, it is going to clear up and it is only a 4 day work week.  Yeah!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day, spending time with family and remembering our service men and women.  We spent the day at home.

Jut a small group of us but we had fun.  Since it is the kick off to summer we had to grill.

my plate

We did brats on the grill, baked beans, I made potatoe salad and red apple coleslaw.  It was all delicious.  For dessert:

Oreo Cheesecake

Oh yes, oreo cheesecake.  This is by far one of the best cheesecakes I have ever made.  I will post the recipe later today.

I did spend part of the afternoon on the deck just lounging.  Of course, someone wanted to join me:

Let me out

Gizzy wasn’t to happy that I left her inside.  I would have let her out but the problem is our deck isn’t enclosed and she tends to bolt as soon as she is let outside.  So until she learns to stay on the deck with me, this is what she will be like while I am outside.

So after having such a rich meal yesterday, my body was craving something healthy this morning:


In the mix today:




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Red Apple Coleslaw

In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup low-fat mayonnaise dressing
  • 1 T red wine vinegar
  • 1 packet Truvia
  • 1 t. celery seeds
  • 2 cups shredded coleslaw mix
  • 1/2 bunch scallions, sliced thin on the diagonal
  • 1 large sweet red apple, grated with its skin
  • salt and pepper.

In a large bowl, whisk the mayonnaise, vinegar, sweetener, and celery seeds together.

Add the coleslaw mix, scallions, and grated apple. 

Season with salt and pepper to tase. 

Toss to thoroughly combine the ingredients.

Chill, covered, until cold, about 2 hours.

This is quick, easy and so delicious.  The apple gives it just the right amount of sweetness.

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Taylor Swift – Speak Now Concert

So last night I took Chickie to the Taylor Swift – Speak Now World Tour Concert.  So Chickie is going to do a guest post about the concert.

Hello I’m Chickie and this is one of the 12 trailers she had!

Another one of her trailers.

One of her 3 buses that she rode in.

When we were driving to Des Monies we were listening to her music.

We had to eat before we went in so I had a bolonga and smoked gouda sandwich while mom had a wrap or something like that. [P.S. the smoked gouda is really good!]

We went around and took some pix.


Cardboard Taylor Swift not the real one. Though it would be great to meet her in person!



Mom had no zoom on the camra! That’s how close we were! I was very exicted. Before we got into the arena, I said to Mom,”This is the longest 10 min of my life!” 5 min later:”This is the longest 5 min of my life!”

here’s the stage:

I got autograghs and pictures with the drummer and gutair player of Taylor Swift!



Gutair player






Lead singer

The second opening act was




The opening acts were awsome! I prefere Need To Breathe.

Taylor’s on now![She went on about 8:30]

Double screen's cool right?

 Here are the songs she sang:

  • Sparks Fly
  • Mine
  • Story of Us
  • Our Song
  • Mean
  • Back to December
  • Better than Revange
  • Speak Now
  • Fearless
  • Last Kiss
  • You Belong With Me
  • Dear John
  • Enchanted
  • Haunted
  • Long Live
  • Fifteen
  • Love Story

Here’s the heart hand:

Heart Hand


She’s singing:





Just a harp player,not Taylor






She flyed above the crowd!

 I loved the concert so much I want her to be the sister I never had!I want to go to all of her concerts!

It was hectic getting out but we waited awhile and we got out.I said to Mom “Happy Monday.” because it was past 12:00 and then I fell asl


Bye bye you’ll see me in other posts!

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Working Saturday!

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday, mine has been very busy, very busy.  The day started out gloomy here but then turned to sunshine.  I got up this morning and took the pups for a walk and when I got back my tummy was rumbling.

Smoothie Time

Into the blender went:
  • 1 handful of spinach;
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 cup frozen cherries
  • 1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder.

This tastes like chocolate covered cherries.  I love, love this smoothie. 

After breakfast hubby and I obtained more stuff for the basement ran some errands.  I picked some things up for the flower bed out front.

 When we moved into our house last August this was a huge mess of bushes and weeds.  So we ripped out all of the bushes and I have slowly been adding flowers to it.  Everything you see I planted either last fall (bulbs) or this spring.  It is starting to look good but I have a ways to go by the time it is actually a nice looking flowerbed.  By the time we got done working in here it was lunch time.

I had carrots with hummus and pineapple.  This is my standard lunch for during the week but everyone else had fried chicken ande I was not in the mood for it.  Actually, it didn’t even sound good.  Must be doing something right that all of the health food sounded better than the fried food. 

After lunch we went to work on doing more mudding in the basement.  Didn’t even bother taking pictures because I feel like that is all we have been doing in our free time which feels like we have been doing it for the last month.  Yuck.  We are getting close to being able to put a primer on the walls. Which means I am starting to see the light.  We granted, that light is only the size of the end of a pen but at least it is starting to shine.

For supper it was a crock pot meal that I had put in this morning.

I promise you there is a roast in the there.

I put a roast in the bottom and then put dried rosemary, sweet basil, roasted garlic seasoning, 2 bay leaves, salt, pepper and sliced onion along with 1 cup of water and put it on low.  At noon I added 2 cups of carrots and 6 potatoes, cubed.  Then at supper time it was ready to eat.

Time to eat

I absolutely love crock pot meals.  First of all they are so simple, they make the house smell wonderful and at supper time you just dish and eat. 

Now I am off to play Hand and Foot card game with the family.  Have a great night.

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Pancake Kind of a Morning

This morning after taking the pups for a walk I was in the mood for pancakes.  Of course, I have to get to work so I only had time to make something quick.  So insert Instant Oatmeal Pancakes.

These are super easy to make and oh so, so good.

In the bowl went:

1 Packet Instant Oatmeal (I used Maple & Brown Sugar)

1 Egg and 1 tsp baking powder.

Stir until combined.  I ended up adding 1 tsp of water to thin it out.

Divide mixture in half and cook on each side until brown, about 3-4 minutes per side.

These cook up really fast and it is a way to have pancakes during the week when there isn’t much time to make the traditional pancake recipe.

 I topped mine with frozen blackberries, raspberries and blueberries that had been thawed and a drizzle of sugar free syrup.  These are filling, easy and oh so good.  Also served with a cup of joe.  Now it is off to get the kiddos ready for school (their last full day) and then off to work.  Have a great Friday.

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Taste of the South

Hubby made supper tonight.  Apparently he was feeling like being somewhere else other than Iowa.  He made Jambalaya.

He got the recipe Rocco Dispirito’s Now Eat this cookbook.  But instead of using brown rice he substituted quinoa.

In the mix:

  • Nonstick cooking spray
  • 1 medium yellow onion, cut into small dice
  • 5 garlic cloves, chopped fine
  • 1 medium green bell pepper, seeded and cut into small dice
  • 1 cup low-fat, low-sodium chicken broth
  • 1 T smoked paprika
  • 3/4 cup quinoa (the recipe called for long-grain brown rice
  • Salt
  • 4 oz andouille sausage, cut into 1/4 inch-thick slices
  • One 14.5 oz can diced fire-roasted tomatoes with their juices
  • 12 oz large shrimp, peeled & deveined

Heat a Dutch oven over medium heat.  When the pot is hot, spray with cooking spray and add the onion, garlic, and bell pepper.  Saute the vegetables until they are almost tender, about 4 minutes. 

Then add the chicken broth, smoked paprika and quinoa (rice).  Season to taste with salt.  Cover and bring the mixture to a simmer.  Reduce theheat to low, and cook for about 25 minutes.

Stir in the sausage and tomatoes.  Cover, and continue to simmer until the quinoa (rice) is tender, about 30 minutes.

Season the shrimp with salt, and stir it into the rice mixture.  Cover, and continue to cook until the shrimp is cooked through and the liquid has been absorbed, about 10 minutes.

Remove the pot from the heat and let the jamalaya rest for 5 minutes.  Then fluff the quinoa (rice) with a fork, and serve.

Let me tell you, this is fantastic.  I asolutely loved this.  I could have eaten 2 or 3 bowls of this but stopped at just one.  This is definitely going into the book of keep recipes.

After supper Hubby and I took the pups for a half hour walk.  When we got back I decided to do yoga, my quads have been killing me since yesterday’s gym workout.  They needed a good stretch.  I did: 



I could not do the whole thing but let me tell you, my quads feel so much better.  Now it is off to watch the Season finale of Glee that DVRd.  Have a great night.


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Taste of the Island

Today’s smoothie tastes like the tropical islands.

In the mix today:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
  • 1 T unsweetened coconut
  • 1 cup fresh pineapple

This tastes fantastic.  It reminds of a tropical island.  Love, love it.  Will defintely be making this one again.

Last night we did a bunch of taping and mudding in the basement.  Boy will I be glad when this project is done.  We have about another month to go (we are hoping) before we finish it.  This project ended up being way bigger than I anticipated.

Now off to get the kiddos ready for school and me for work.

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It’s Back.

Yep, the Green Monster is back.  Oh how I’ve missed thee.  In the mix today:

  • 1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 2 handfuls spinach
  • 1 cup fresh strawberries.

Yum, yum, yum.  I forgot how much I love these.  I have been feeling very, very tired lately and I figured it was because I wasn’t getting enough iron in my diet.  The only way that I can get the iron I need is by eating spinach.  We haven’t had any in the house and so last night I stopped by the store and picked some up.  Hopefully this will help.  I love having smoothies especially with the spinach in them.  First off, you can’t taste the spinach plus it is the benefit of getting a serving of fruit and veggies in for breakfast.

So happy to have you back in my life.

This morning I got up and took the pups for a walk but it ws raining out so it was a quick walk.

Not nice out.

 So needless to say no matter how fast you walk or how short the walk is, the pups get wet.

I'm wet and I'm not happy that you are taking a picture.

Now it is time to get the Kiddos moving on their breakfast and I want to enjoy my green monster.  Have a great Wednesday.

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Spending the afternoon as a Mom.

So I had the afternoon off from work.  It was my afternoon to spend being a mom.  Both kiddos had activities this afternoon.  First up was Chickie.

She had her 4th grade recognition program today.  The school hands out a diploma to all the kids and they sing songs.  This is their graduation from 4th grade.  Next year they will head tothe middle school.  I cannot believe that Chickie will be in middle school.  It seems like just yesterday I was holding her in my arms.  The time sure does fly by.

After Chickie had some juice and cookies (I did not have any).  It was off to Bubba’s activity.  They were having a solo fest at school so he was being judged on his solo.

Yes, he plays the trombone.  He ended up getting the highest score possible, which was a 3.  He ended up bringing home a medal.  I am so, so proud of him.  The funny thing is last year when he started the trombone, he took it for 2 weeks and then he came home and said it was to hard and he wanted to

I also did 30 minutes of Exercise on Demand TV.  It was the bridal body burn.  By the end I was sweating.

I am off to watch the finales of Biggest Loser, American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.  Who schedules all three finales on the same night.  Seriously????

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