Sometimes all you need is crackers, cheese and wine.

Before I get to the crackers, cheese and wine, let’s go back to lunch today.  Today was a repeat of Tuesday:

Big ole salad.  Lettuce, tomatoe, cheese and veggie burger along with Catilina Dressing.  When something works why change it.

Then about 3:30 (notice I made it longer today, must have been the salad 🙂 .) I had a good ole apple.

Yummy, it hit what I was craving.  After work Chickie had dance, Hubby and Bubba got a haircut and  had errands to run.  By the time everyone got home no one felt like cooking.  So what is always good for supper?  Crackers, cheese and wine.

The wine is RhubyDooby from the Santa Maria Vineyard & Winery.  We picked this wine up last weekend.  It is a strawberry rhubarb wine.  It is just sweet enough with a hint of dryness.  Wholy cow I love, love this wine.  Along with wine it was some cheese and crackers.

This is a club crackerwith smoked gouda (love, love this cheese) and prosciutto on top.  We picked up the prosciutto at Sam’s Club last weekend.  Hubby and I have been dying to try it, in fact, this is one of the reasons that going to Italy is on our Bucket List.  The prosciutto is as good as everyone says.  While we were at Sam’s Club last weeked I also picked this up:

This is goat cheese that is wild blueberry vanilla flavor.  We all tried this and guess what, I am the only one who likes it.  I think it tastes just like blueberr cheesecake which is going to be a huge problem for me because I could have eaten the whole pound of this cheese.  Of course I love blueberries and I love cheese.  So not to shabby of a supper if you ask me.  In fact this is the kiddos eaten the prosciutto and smoked gouda.

Yep, they thougt it was pretty good too.  They each had peaches with their supper also so they did get close to the four food groups.  Some nights you just need a little wine and cheese to make everything better.

Now it is off to get packing done for the weekend.  We are taking off right after work to head to the grandparents for Easter weekend.  Anyone else have travel plans for the weekend?


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