Never to old to learn

Never to old to learn was my motto today.  Apparently I needed to learn a few things.  Even though it is April 19th, Mother Nature says it is never to late to snow.


 Mother Nature was so, so cruel today.  First it started out with rain and then it snowed.  Not only did it snow for a short while it snowed for 2 hours.  They were huge, huge flakes and they were wet.  So needless to say there was a ton of slush.  If you haven’t ever driven in slush before, it sucks you in and you have no control.  There were plenty of accidents today because everyone forgot to slow down.  Nothing like leaving a huge mess Mother Nature.  We all appreciate it – NOT!!!

So today was a new class at the gym with a new instructor.  We had no clue what the instructor was going to do.  But guess what it was:

Spinner Bikes(Source)

Spin class.  Now I have been thinking about taking a spin class because everyone always raves so highly about it.  Let me tell you, I am not to old to learn that this is way, way harder than I ever thought it would be.  Everyone always says how amazing the class is and how much they sweat.  We were lucky today because the instructor was late and asked how long we wanted to to work out.  We only ended up doing 15 minutes.  Yep 15 minutes and my thighs were screaming murder at me.  Holy cow, this is very, very hard.  I can’t believe how much I sweated in just 15 minutes but I can defintely see how people say they love this class.  Our instructor is so nice.  Since only 1 of us in the class has done spinning before he is going to work us up gradual to more time.  Next week, 18 minutes. 

So once I got done with spinning it was time for lunch.  I was defintely hungry today.

Tuesday Lunch

In the mix today was romaine lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and vegetable masala burger that we picked up at Trader Joe’s on Sunday.  I topped it off with 1 T of Catlina Fat Free Dressing.  This hit the spot but I was feeling a little weak after the spin class so I needed a little sugar.


 Okay, who am I kidding, I wanted a Pepsi.  I have been doing so good without pop but I was just craving it today.  I must be honest and tell you that I only drank 1/2 of it.  It took off the edge that I was having. 

So at 3:00 (yep like clockwork) my stomach was ready for something else to eat.

Snack Time

Chobani Strawberry Yogurt with homemade granola.  Yum, yum, yum.  This is my favorite yogurt of all times.  Plus with my granola it hit the spot.  Sweet and savory, just what I needed to get through the rest of the day.

When I got home Hubby had supper ready (he is the best husband ever).


Tater Tot Casserole with a side of bread (way to many carbs) but we haven’t had tater tot casserole in forever.  This was so, so good. 

My plate

 I did take a small helping with a small piece of bread.  Carbs were calling my name tonight.  I ended up eating it all plus maybe another small scoop of the tater tot casserole.  This is so easy, I just don’t understand why we don’t make this more often.  Need to make a mental note to do that. 

So once we were done with supper Hubby and I needed to run some errands (i.e. get gifts for the Easter Baskets).  How Easter crept up so fast I will never know.  but as we were leaving the kiddos got their dessert.


There is actually fresh strawberries underneath all the cool whip.  Apparently Chickie likes cool whip.  Now off to watch the Biggest Loser.  Have a great night.


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