Shopping all day

We shopped today but for a quick recap on Saturday.  My in-laws were in town.  So we did a quick stop at Zakeers for breakfast.

This a family owned cafe.  Even though we have lived in Fort Dodge for 10 years we have never eaten here.  How does that happen?  I have no idea.  So Chickie and I shared a plate.

Big Bob’s Breakfast

 This was a whole lot of breakfast for one small 10 year old girl but she ended up eat 3/4 of the eggs, all of the hashbrowns and all but 2 bites of the sausage.  I got the toast.  So I ordered a roll on the side.

Homemade pecan carmel roll I did split this 6 ways and shared with everyone at the table. Wholly molly this roll is awesome and we will defintely be hitting this place up again for breakfast. After breakfast we did a few errands with the in-laws and then they were on their way back home. So hubby and I did some work on the basement.We have made some progress on the basement. We have the foarm board up and the studs for the outside wall. Now we have some other tearing down to do before we can start putting the inside walls up for the 2 bedrooms. This morning we got up and headed to Des Moines to do some shopping. Now Des Moines is 1 1/2 hours away from our house. Our town just doesn't have the options that Des Moines has. So we got up and hit the road. So for breakfast we stopped by McD's. ChickieBubba

Hubby driving


Iced Carmel MochaFruit and Oatmeal

I had a iced carmel mocha and fruit and oatmeal.  I have never had the fruit and oatmeal and let me tell you it was fabulous.  Definitely will be ordering this again along with the iced carmel mocha.  I’m not a huge iced coffee person but this was great.  Will order this again also.
So once we got to Des Moines our first stop was:

Trader Joe's

Yep we hit up Trader Joe’s.  We do not have one of these in our town and I so, so wish they did.  I absolutely love this store.

Our loot

The kids love the Clif Z Bars for kids so we ended up stocking up on a bunch of those.  After Trader Joe’s our next stop was:

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble.  We don’t have one of these either (as you can tell we are a pretty sad town that doesn’t have much.)  We ended up spending an hour in here.  We all 4 go our separate ways and then meet up.  I forgot to take a picture but Chickie ended up with 4 books, Bubba got 2 books and I got 2 books.  Hubby was way to picky and didn’t pick any.

Our next stop:

Valley West Mall

Valley West Mall.  They have a program that they give out rewards if you get A’s on your report card.  So Bubba has been wanting to go since he received all A’s on his report card.  After we get there we find out that Chickie is eligble also even though she doesn’t receive a letter grade.  The lady at the counter was so, so nice and gave Chickie the free gift cards also.

Ready to go get their free giftsFree gifts

First stop:

Chocolateie Stam