Brats and Fries

So by the time I got to work today, my tummy was feeling much, much better.  Luckily it is Donut Friday so there was this waiting for me.

Blueberry Muffin

Yep, a blueberry muffin.  The only thing was though I only ate 1/2 of it.  My stomach got full really fast and I didn’t want to push it since it was ill last night. 

Since I was feeling better I decided to hit the gym.  My legs felt like lead today.  I just could not get them moving at all.  It amazes me that missing jut one day at the gym how much my body starts to lose all that I have gained from working out.  Maybe they were heavy because I was sick last night but maybe I do need to hit the gym 3 days a week.  I felt great once I got done but boy it was a real fight to get through the class.  We worked 3 differnt times on the spin bikes and I think that is what really got to my legs.

When I got done at the gym I was starting to get hungry.  Since my stomach wasn’t feeling that well this morning I packed something light.

PB & J

Yep peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I had the white chocolate peanut butter with apricot jelly.  It hit just the spot.  Amazing how fast a stomach can recoup after having such a rough night last night.  It is amazing how pb & j can just take me back to my childhood plus it makes me feel so warm and comforted.  Something so simple can make me feel like a kid again in an instant.

So about 3 o’clock my tummy was getting hungry again and since I haven’t really had anything nutricious in me it waws time for some fruit.


Nothing like a good ole apple to help keep the doctor away.  It hit the spot since I was missing something crunchy in my diet today.  I definitely need to find a sweeter apple though.  I was missing the sweet along with the crunch but the crunched held me over until supper.

So Hubby made supper tonight.  Yep Brats and Fries.

Friday Supper


Of course these aren’t just any fries these are “Daddy’s Fries”.  That is what the kiddos call them because Hubby makes them from scratch.  He actually cuts them this skinny from a potatoe and adds spices and olive oil.  Of course, they won’t tell me what is in them, he is keeping it a secret.  Which I don’t mind because that means I don’t ever have to make them.
The Brat is pretty special too because my dad made them.  They are actually deer brats.  My dad hunts deer every year and he makes his own brats, sausage and hamburger from the deer.  Let me tell you, Johnsonville has nothing on my dad’s brats.  Most people don’t care for deer but let me tell you with these brats you would never know that they are deer plus they have a lot of extra spices with them which gives them a kick, which we love.

Love Daddy’s Fries.

Now off to get some groceries for next week and to unwind before an 8:00 volleyball game in the morning – what happened to sleeping in on Saturdays????


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  1. I love those fries. My husband does something like that too. He makes his own fries and bakes them in the oven. But that photo had me craving for some pb&j sandwich 🙂

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