Parent/Teacher Conferences

So this afternoon I knew I wouldn’t be getting any supper so I had a late date snack.

Chobani Peach Greek Yogurt with  homemade granola.  I have absolutely fallen in love with Chobani.  I just wish that there was more than one store in town that sold it and they only have 4 flavors.  I so, so, so want to try the other flavors.  This is the only yogurt that I eat.  I eat it just about every day even though I don’t blog about it.  I must say I really enjoy it.

So after work it was off to parent/teacher conferences.  They started at 5:30 and we didn’t get home until 7:15.  Trying to do 2 kids and 4 teachers in one night is really trying.  The worst part is waiting to get in to see the teachers since there is not a set time for us to meet with them.


This is my time to gloat about the kiddos.  Chickie doesn’t get grades yet but she is passing everything in her classes.  In fact, she is in 4th grade reading at a 6th grade level.  I knew she loved to read but that absolutely amazes me.  She loves school and I really hope she continues to love it.  Bubba does get grades and they were all A’s.  Makes a momma proud.  Ever since he has started getting grades (5th grade) he has always gotten straight A’s.  School comes really easy for him and that makes me really happy.  As a person who didn’t always get straight A’s and saw my brother struggle with school, it is nice to see him enjoy it.  My hope is that they both continue to enjoy school as much as they do now and enjoy learning and not struggle with it. 

So since they did so great with the report cards, let’s celebrate.  And how do we celebrate?  But to get ice cream.

Oreo Whip for Chickie

Brownie Sundae for Bubba

Lemon Ice Cream with Krunch for me

First trip to the Dairette since it opened.  I must say I really missed it this winter.  Why oh why can’t it be open all year round.  I must say I love their lemon ice cream.

Now since I had ice cream, time for a quick workout.  Until tomorrow.


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